Edken Design is a brand crafted with love and compassion towards arts and the artists themselves. We don’t sell just to earn but to also help local artisanats who need support in selling their crafts and to be noticed internationally.

Our crafts  are the product of  intimate  partnership between our designers and local artificers. With quality as a priority in mind at the same time making sure that the customers will appreciate the beauty of each creation without their budget being compromised. 

This business has been passed from generation to generation. And until now, it’s still in the business to showcase the beauty of Moroccan artistry  from lamps to authentic leather bags and other items that we will soon launch. We craft lamps not just to give light but to exhibit intricate artistry one candle lit at a time.



Mohamed Edken started as a young boy full of dreams to make his father’s business known not just all around Morocco but to the whole world. As young as 16 years old,he would go to their small factory and watch their craftsmen work. From complicated designs to exquisite spin-off, he was amazed by the process of how the lamps were crafted.

Driven by his passion for local artisanats, he learned everything about the business. He collaborated with different people in different regions of Morocco. He would visit women on the mountains just to see their artwork like bags and carpets and other things buy it from them and resell it to a bigger market online. He visions the business to be globally known in the next five years, bringing the Moroccan crafts to international market and making a mark as one of the local businessmen who aims not just to make his business known but also to help the local men and women from his country uplift their status of living through giving them livelihood and source of income.